Real Estate
Mandala is highly active in the real estate sector, particularly in India.

We recognise that many parties have potentially valuable development ideas but lack some of the skills and resources to make these plans a reality.

The traditional option is to sell the land to a developer, who may give a small amount of the final product back to the owner. In this model, most value is captured by the developer. Mandala use a different model, that allows us to supplement your existing skills to allow you to capture more value.

Mandala have a strategic alliance in India with Macknight Infrastructure ( Macknight is a Consulting Engineering firm, active in the design and construction supervision of infrastructure projects in the fields of Ports, Harbors, Marine Engineering, Transportation, Roads/Highways, Water, Waste Water Treatment and Sewage.

Mandala and Macknight have been very successful in resolving complex land issues in India (including slum related issues) and have offered direct development management services to landowners who wish to develop their sites without giving up the large amounts of value demanded by Indian developers. We combine Mandala's development expertise with Macknight's unparalleled infrastructure skill base to provide end-to-end services to our clients who wish to develop major projects.

Mandala for full details of Mandala's services, please see our detailed brochures below:

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