Asset Management

Mandala’s team has extensive experience in asset management, both corporate and real-estate based portfolios. Members of the team have worked on the following assignments around the region:
  • Brunei:  Managing a global portfolio of assets worth over US$4 billion, including a number of high profile properties as well as residential developments.
  • Australia: The team is also currently managing over 200 mainly residential properties for the Australian Federal Government in Sydney.
  • Hong Kong: Mandala’s team worked on the liquidation of Peregrine Bank, which involved managing and recovering a portfolio of bonds throughout Asia valued at over US$1 billion.
Mandala also has developed IT systems specifically for managing asset portfolios. The MandalaNet system, which has been successfully deployed in Asia for over 7 years, is the class leader in customised active asset management solutions. MandalaNet is customised for each application and is fully integrated into existing systems, such as a general ledger.